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Buying Toys Related Topics:
Perches and Dishes
Like buying toys for children, purchasing toys for your parrot can be a fun and challenging task. There are literally tens of toy companies on the market producing hundreds of different toy types. Normally, if you consider just a few points, buying toys for your feathered friend should be fun and easy.

Size: Like cages, perches and bowls, there are different toy sizes for different bird sizes. It is important to not buy toys that are too big or too small for your pet. If you buy a toy that is the wrong size, feet, toes or worse can get caught in the toy and serious injury may result. If you buy a toy that is too small for a large bird, they will surely decimate it in short order as well.
Materials: Bird toys are made of everything from wood to acrylic, so your choices are many. As you get to know your bird, you will learn what they like most to play with. This, of course, is the most important consideration when buying a toy. Does your bird like fraying cloth? Does he like chewing on leather? Does he like puzzle toys that take time to get into? Before blowing $10-$50 on a toy for your pet, make sure he will like it. Often, the "indestructible" acrylic toys (which are very expensive) hold little interest for a bird. Remember that birds like to "redecorate" their environment. Bluntly put, they like to destroy things. Often, if a toy is completely indestructible, it is boring for a bird.
Manufacturer: Most big bird toy makers are very reputable. However, be wary of small-time toy makers who may not know the dangers associated with bird toys. Lead sauder, sharp wire or poisonous materials may be found in poorly made toys - even if the maker had the best intentions in mind.

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